Small Business, Big Benefits: Transforming your Workforce with eLearning

Small Business, Big Benefits: Transforming your Workforce with eLearning

eLearning has often been linked to big companies. Small businesses, however, and even those with fewer than 100 employees, can still harness the full potential of eLearning to train and develop their workforce effectively.

In today’s market, small businesses no longer need to invest in the conventional approach of hiring a dedicated learning and development team. Instead, small businesses can invest a much smaller amount of money and time with the help of an eLearning agency. Such agencies, for example EduPivot, can assist in setting up a learning management system (LMS), providing ready-made coursework, and design custom eLearning courses for a fraction of the traditional cost.

An LMS, ready-made courses, and personalized eLearning create an affordable and effective strategy for small business.

Learning Management System

Consider a learning management system (LMS) the digital equivalent of a school or academy. It provides the underlying infrastructure where online courses reside, as well as employee profiles, social groups, and more.

LMS solutions have become very affordable and accessible for smaller companies. TalentLMS and Learnworlds are just two examples – they enable small businesses to efficiently manage learning content and track employee development.

Ready-made coursework

Large companies have the financial capacity to create customized coursework from the ground up, using their in-house learning & development. For small businesses, however, a more modest budget presents a challenge.

Luckily, there are vendors specializing in the production of employee development eLearning. These learning content creation vendors are great for plugging skills gaps and developing knowledge in the more common areas, such as soft skills and software proficiency. Most of you would instantly recognize LinkedIn Learning as one of the leaders in this space. 

Another reputable vendor is Skillsoft, headquartered in New Hampshire. Skillsoft has the added benefit of being able to upload their courses into a small business’s LMS. 

Custom eLearning

Custom eLearning is important for addressing more specific needs unique to every business, from product and service training, to onboarding programs. Designing custom eLearning is usually the priciest work in learning and development – it often requires a team of instructional designers, graphic designers, and eLearning developers. 

For small businesses, an eLearning agency provides the most cost-effective solution for custom eLearning development, as they possess the expertise and resources. Furthermore, hiring an eLearning agency allows a business’s human resources department to focus on their core operations. 

Wrap up

Investing in eLearning is no longer a luxury for large corporations, but a necessity for small businesses. It enables them to stay competitive, enhance employee skills, and drive long-term success. By collaborating with an eLearning agency like EduPivot, small businesses can unlock the benefits of an LMS, access to ready-made courses, and create custom eLearning for more specific needs. 

At EduPivot, we specialize in empowering small and mid-sized companies with tailored eLearning solutions designed to supercharge their workforce’s potential. Contact us for a free consultation.